3 Ways to Sneak in Cardio if You Hate Running

In an attempt to get healthy over the past few months, I came to the realization that I simply needed cardio in my exercise regimen. One problem? I HATE running, the ultimate cardio. God bless my parents who each run a crazy amount each day (and have been doing so for countless years), but it’s not for me. Through months of trial and error, and numerous fitness articles/Pinterest binges, I have come up with a few suitable alternatives. I hope this can serve as a guide to other running-challenged people—we gotta stick together!

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5 Ways to Become More Organized

I am only capable of experiencing the extremes of organization. Some weeks, I have every minute of my day planned. Other weeks? I throw up my hands in despair and cry into my throw pillows. Lately, things have been picking up pretty quickly for me. Between my website, THM, jobs, and a new school year coming up, it looks like I’m going to get pretty busy pretty soon. Let’s not forget I have to find time to eat, sleep, and occasionally leave my house to be social. I’ve realized I need to get organized, or suffer the consequences. Continue reading